Monday, December 13, 2010

Community work - Directed Creative Expression for youth club

Chriss was requested to conduct a special workshop for this group of teenagers with emotional and behaviour problems. They are teenagers with special needs like ADHD, Learning Disorder, Mild Autistic and Childhood Trauma. While working with these youth, she also identified that some children are suffering from adolescent problems. The major adolescent issues are communication with others and their parents whereby children with special needs are seriously lacking of social skills. 

Directed Creative Expression with youth

Chriss  , Children and Parents  working as a team to facilitate a directed Creative Expression with the youth. This fun session provided the youth a good opportunity to cultivate team spirit and foster communication skills.

This group of youth was having great fun working as a team to produce a master piece.


Two beautiful art pieces produced by a group of youth. Prior to the start of this creative expression,  a video presentation incorporating elements of global warming and recycling to inspire them. They were encouraged to express freely their thoughts and views of the planet they live on.


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