Sunday, January 26, 2014

By student of Gender & Law class           
From Faculty of Law, University of Malaya
2nd October 2013


1. We’re very glad to have such a good speaker appearing today to give information on the impacts on the victims of rape! At the same time also, being raped doesn’t just affect the victim, but it might impact her family members too! It’s a really good exposure!

2. It was a great talk, how I wished it could be extended to a longer time.

3. It’s a very good exposure to the laymen like us to know more about the impact of the rape victim. Before this, I didn’t know it was a long way recovery for the rape victim, I merely think that it’s once and for all, when you get over it, your life is all well again. This really changed my mind.

4. Speaker is very passionate in delivering her words to us, as well as being precise in answering our questions.

5. It’s a great talk that delivered by the speaker, we get to know deeper in the mental state of the rape victim. Truly appreciate it.


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