Sunday, January 26, 2014

Testimonials Given by Law Undergraduate  From Ms Joanne Ng Jiaming

Since young, due to the alarming rate of the crime happening surrounding, I’ve been educated on how to protect myself, for instance, lock doors once getting into the car, avoid going out alone or two. I shall say that I’m fortunate enough as I’m educated with all these in order to create my awareness towards the surrounding. However, when it comes, it comes. I’ll never able to write an assurance that I will not be victim in the future. Every female are exposing to such danger, which is a serious human violation, regardless of how old you are. It’s very frustrating to see that all these cases kept happening, where not even laws can stop them.

I used to think that rape, is a once and for all incident, which I was wrong. I thought the trauma, the injury will be gone in month time. I was double wrong. After hearing a talk given by Miss Chriss, I was enlightened. I knew I made a mistake, their sufferings don’t just stop there, it will stay with them for a long while, or worse, for a lifetime. The painful experience they gone through, the violation flashback that flashes all the time. It doesn’t only affect the victim alone, but it might affect her family as well. Perhaps she’ll be shunned by the family as they thought she brought shame to the family, when it’s not her fault?

In the seminar talk given by Ms Chriss, she delivers her speeches passionately apart from answering questions precisely during Question and Answers session. She also expressed her points in a clear cut way and it’s understandable for the audiences. The points are straightforward and well-organized as well. Hence, in my own opinion I think she owns a great skill of communicating points to the audience, apart from being charismatic. It was a lively talk and I truly enjoyed it. It’s an eye-opening talk that I’ve attended. I appreciate the knowledge that given by Ms Chriss and I felt truly thankful and lucky that I’m able to attend this talk.


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