Sunday, August 4, 2013


Spiritual Abused - By The Irresponsible Application Of Religious Teachings

Kimberly a social worker has to deal with an adult having difficulties in her life. Being born into a Chinese family of traditional values, the senior family members would consult a fortune teller and feng shui master about the fortunes of a new-born. This reading is commonly referred to as “Ba-Zhi” or “Eight Words” reading. Sadly, it details that she would have clash with her mother, either her mother would die early or the family wealth will be lost due to her. This leads to her become an outcast amongst her family and relatives. So much that everything she does or involves her would be interpreted negatively and be punished for it. Not only was she not given a portion of the family inheritance upon the passing of the father, she was scapegoated to be cause of her father’s death. From young, she didn’t experience the love and trust from the family.

Kimberly was brained-washed by a fellow religious worker of some thirty years of practice in the religion. Being new to the religion, she was manipulated to give money to the religious leadership telling her that this would bring good karma to her. If she refused to give money, it would bring bad karma to her and her children. By not giving money, she will be labelled as a betrayer of the “God”. In the case of a young girl having to undergo chemotherapy treatment after removing a tumor from her brain, she was questioned quite extensively and her charity was dismissed as useless to this girl is deemed to be dying. The money going towards her treatment is just a big waste. The poor girl’s life seems to be of little or no value at all as compared to the religious leadership, this is how the concept of karma is being interpreted and practiced!

In conclusion, this is just a case of karma and compassion was totally twisted to apply the fear factors causing Kimberly unstable emotionally. This caused her to become traumatized and becoming increasingly depressed. By the time she came to me, she was bordering on paranoia and hallucination that she would be punished by an unseen higher being for not doing as she was told. Worst, her instability and mistrust of others caused her to lose her job. A person subjected to spiritual abuse is one of the most difficult to heal.


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