Monday, August 5, 2013


A Testimonial From A Young Lady Spiritual Abused Since Childhood  - Within 3 Sessions, She Able To Transform Her Life Successfully

This is a testimony of W. Leng …

“After the meditation session, I started to observe my emotions. In the beginning, it is quite hard for me to control the dizziness, but as time goes on, I realized that my unstable emotional state is the one torturing me for years. Every time, I will go back to refocus on my breathing like what I’m instructed. Now I have better control of my energy, the energy transformed through meditation has really helped me a lot. It not only controlled my emotions, I have a better understanding of myself. I really hope the teaching can be continued.”

W. Leng at her early twenties university student, she came to see me because she constantly hallucinates that there is a higher being constantly talking to her and instructing her to do things. For a long time, she was under medication but this proved to be quite ineffective and her studies were affected by such episodes in her life. She is suffering from psychosomatic symptom. She is in fear all her life seeing something which others cannot see. She is lonely in school because of her abnormal behaviour. She was very frustrated because seem no one could understand her. She constantly self-sabotage herself. Her whole life was living in the dark and fearful environment.

She came from a superstitious religious family background with a relative practicing Chinese Spirit Medium and the constant practice other Chinese beliefs like Feng Shui, etc. Growing up in such an environment, she eventually believed that she has such supernaturalism powers as well. This is exacerbated by the supporting belief in her supernaturalism abilities by her family members. Personally, I have no comments on this aspect as this is going beyond what science could perceive. 

Treatment Plan

During my session, I tried to help her to regain some semblance of herself, I could only just accept her story as what she told me without showing bias or condemnation. Instead, I started to work on trust building with her, proceeding to integrate her fears and her environment to be part of herself.  I advised her to just accept her authentic self, accepting this problem of hers as just part of herself as a 'gifted' child. I proceed to work on strengthening her through self-empowerment. Through a full-day exercise on awareness meditation and  3 sessions with her, the sessions helped her to change her mind-set in how she perceived herself. She started to abandon her toxic negative thoughts when she could recompose herself. I work on her self-acceptance and perception on herself and perception from others. I help her to improve her self-value in order to strengthen her self-confidence.

She is now able to concentrate on her studies better. Her ability to develop trust in others has significantly improved and she is more able to manage her relationships. Most importantly, she is able to manage her emotions and life now without letting the 'GIFT' overwhelming her anymore.


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