Sunday, August 4, 2013


This is a highly controversial and contentious issue that we are subjected to such abuses routinely. So, before I begin, I am going to carve out my point of what spiritual abuse is to me. One point that I have to make clear is my unbiased view towards religion. Religion overall teaches us to be good with the right speech and right action, simply put, be accountable to your own actions and words. But it is the human element that abuses arise for the sake of power and money.  In fact, the mental and emotional trauma stemming of spiritual abuse is one of the toughest to heal because what the abusers dishes out can be astonishingly cruel or extremely destructive or it delves into the realm of unseen. This exacerbates many of the negative emotional states like disempowerment, fear, greed, confusion, and traumatizes one’s mind. Without such negative emotions, the ability to establish hypnotic control over the people is very unlikely to succeed. The treatment of those subjected to spiritual abuses exposes the psychologists to tread the fine line in spirituality, with half-truths and lies.

The common line of such abuses tends to gravitate heavily towards the misrepresentation, subtle or otherwise, of information. This stems from the fact that either beginners are too quick to accept truths without checking the details for themselves or for the believing general, already tuned to blind faith than to check the facts. As all religion have their own absolutes, it is not the usual denial of such absolutes that causes the problem, but the subtle twists that creates an erroneous view of the absolutes! Most of the time, the abuser knows he or she is abusing and manipulating others to their whims and fancies. Remember that the power, wealth or recognition from others is intoxicating, that results in one able to willingly and wilfully abuse another. So, to say that their actions are unintentional is probably their only defence and the only excuse to feign ignorance!


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